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Free vector icons pack

Free icons for website states, apps, log in and out screens, errors, user journeys, and more!


No credit or attribution is needed, these illustrations are free to use for commercial and personal projects.


Enter whatever you feel is a fair price 😊 Thank you for all your support, it really does help us make more free vector illustration packsπŸ™πŸ€©



Vector assets included in this pack:

error 404, about, antivirus, bad gateway, no connection, empty cart, come back later, coming soon, contact, data unavailable, data user, delete, done, downloading, empty, error 502, faq, fatal error, folder, landing success, launching, log in, log out, no comments, no connection, no messages, no results, notification, order complete, page under construction, paper plane, message, payment processed, privacy, protection, reviews, searching, see you soon, sent message, shipping, sign up, something went wrong, success, terms of use, unsubscribed, upgrade, uploading, verification, waiting, welcome, up to date

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