Animated E-Commerce Icons

Animated icons of e-commerce, online transaction, payment, store, business and more

Animated icons of all things e-commerce, online transaction, online shop, payment, shipment, discount, promotion, offers and more. Perfect to add more fun and life to your websites and projects. This icon collection is created in minimalistic outline style for a better fit to your website and if needed the colours are easily adjustable. All animations are 100% vector format, easy to customise via the included After Effects file.

Coming soon (Pay once for lifetime updates):

  • New styles
  • New icon designs

‍What's included in our premium icon pack 🌟:

  • 20 animated icons(JSON Lottie, AE File, SVG)
  • 1 style but customisable in AE
  • License to use for personal and commercial projects
  • Price:Β $15



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Vector assets included in this pack:

JSON, Lottie, e-commerce, online, shop, store, shipping, discount, wallet, credit, debit, mastercard, gift, promotion, promo, discount, referral code, loyalty, paypal, package, gift, packing, customer service, increase, sales, business, small business, social media, website, app, animation, animated

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Icon Pack
File formats
20 animated icons
Line, glyph, flat, color
Total size
472.8 KB
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