3D Black Friday Mini Icons

Chic and classy 3D Black Friday Mini Icons

Chic and classy 3D Black Friday Mini Icons for you to use in your projects, social posts and many more. There are two views - with total of 34 high-resolution 3D icons!

You can download this for free but you can enter any amount you think fits, thank you for the support 🌟

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Vector assets included in this pack:

social media icons, 3d icons, free, facebook, instagram, behance, Microsoft, snapchat, messenger, tiktok, whatsapp, telegram, slack, youtube, twitter, dribbble, skype, vimeo, reddit, discord, wechat, wattpad, tumblr, paypal, zoom, dropbox, spotify, twitch, linkedin, connection, vibe, soundcloud

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3D Pack
File formats
Fig, PNG
34 3D Assets
Line, glyph, flat, color
Total size
103.8 MB
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